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Dedaldino Antonio

I architect and craft systems.


About Me

Self-taught Software Engineer with a passion for designing, testing, and upholding robust software systems. Deeply versed in both Frontend…
  • Python
  • Java
  • Django
  • Spring Boot
  • AWS
  • Erlang
  • React Native
  • Node.js
  • Flask
  • React.js
  • MongoDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • Redis
  • C++
  • Docker

I used to automate my development with some tools:

  • Pycharm
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Android Studio
  • Xcode

Where I’ve Worked

Lead Software Engineer @ Corpotal

2021-05-03 - Present

  • Orchestrated full system design, leading frontend efforts with React JS and shaping backend structures with Python Django, elevating system robustness and efficiency.
  • Innovated a notification system, cutting user transaction anomalies by 30% and harnessing cloud-based PostgreSQL and Redis for a 22% speed boost in query responses.
  • Streamlined AWS deployment and harnessed CI/CD integrations, resulting in a 10% reduction in deployment errors and faster product launches.

Some Things I’ve Built

Other Noteworthy Projects

What’s Next?

Get In Touch

While I'm not actively seeking new opportunities at the moment, my inbox is always welcoming. Feel free to reach out with any projects, queries, or even a simple hello. I'll make every effort to respond!